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Landscape design is a unique aspect of design, requiring an understanding of outdoor spaces, whilst considering plants and their conditions. With a clear and pragmatic, sticks & stones will guide you through the design stages, from Concept, Council approval, sourcing quality plant stock through to installation. The team will listen to a brief and deliver what a client is looking for.

Design sensibility and an understanding for outdoor spaces, the team create timeless gardens, grounding the home and complimenting the architecture.

Sticks & stones work with our preferred landscape teams, who reliably maintain the integrity of our design. We are available to workshop any issues or questions that arise on site, working collaboratively with the qualified landscapers to achieve a premium finish.


Our consultancy service is charged at an hourly rate.

Sticks & Stones have a strong horticultural knowledge, understanding plants and their environments.

Through well nurtured relationships, we source and supply superior stock for your project.

Sticks & stones will then provide quality control of the plants prior to delivery, checking the stock before it leaves the nursery and are there on the day to place each plant. Our process ensures a thorough finish to your project.