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Swimming Pools

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

It’s the second day of Winter and in typical Sydneysider fashion, we are finding ourselves complaining about the cold. This would be because we are delightfully spoilt with wonderful weather. Our coolest months fall to a chilly 10-13 degree’s, of which last 2-3 months of the year. For the remainder, we bask in glorious 25-38 degree sunshine. Indeed we are a lucky city.With consistently beautiful weather such as this, it is understandable that pools are a big part of our lifestyle. If you own a decent size property, it’s almost a guarantee you have given thought to a swimming pool at one time or another. Perhaps you entertained the thought and then discarded it into the too hard basket. This is no surprise, considering the restrictions and specifications required by the NSW law. But, as they say, knowledge is power, so let’s start with some basics.


The best approach to tackling your swimming pool, would be to start engaging in the services of a Landscape designer. They are across the legislation and fencing requirements, providing clarity with what you can and can’t do. Tying your pool into the overall landscape is very important, so a landscape designer looks at the project as a whole, and the outcome is a garden that flows seamlessly.If the site is difficult, Landscape designers will often work closely with pool specialists such as pool certifiers, or pool builders earlier in the planning stages.


Swimming Pool’s come in all different shapes and sizes, therefore their price points vary. However, an estimate of approximately $50,000 – $70,000 for a starting point should be expected. Further details such as finish, shape and location can bring you up to $100,000+. Please keep in mind this is just for the swimming pool and would exclude all landscaping works.


This may surprise some, but from conception to completion, a swimming pool can take up to 18 months, worst case scenario. The planning stage can take anywhere from 1-6 months, depending on the complexity of the plans, then a further 3-7 months for the build. This is varied depending on factors such as bad weather or underground surprises. So, if you were planning your grand opening pool party for summer 2017, let’s hope you have already started your pool plans.  If not, no need to fret, feel free to give sticks & stones a call and we can help you get started.

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