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Improve your lifestyle through Landscape Design

We have all heard at one time or another, that the outdoors is good for you. Soaking up some vitamin D and breathing in fresh air will improve your overall health and well being. Sticks and Stones want to find out what exactly are these benefits and how does landscape design contribute?


The outdoors has been proven to improve your mood by drastically lowering levels of depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), known as reoccurring depression is believed to be caused by shorter days in Winter by means of less natural light. Stress reduction is another natural benefit. According to a research paper, Nature that Nurtures, patients who were provided simulated window views of nature photographs, showed reduced levels of pain and stress. Teresia Hazen, Registered Horticultural Therapist, reported, “Gardening, more than most rehab activities, has the ability to be very distracting,” she adds, noting that taking people’s minds off their problems alleviates pain and depression. Harvard zoologist Edward O. Wilson has written extensively on nature and our connection with it. He even coined the term ‘biophilia,’ to describe human’s positive response to nature.


Studies show that time spent outdoors encourages your creative flow and increases concentration. Stanford University research found that walking outside stimulated the flow of ideas. Further research from the University of Utah reported students scoured 50% higher on a creative test after spending 4 days in nature, disconnected from electronic devises and technology. Studies have also shown that children with ADHD, are likely to score higher on concentration tests, after spending time outdoors.


This is an obvious one, but quality time spent in your garden is optimal vitamin D intake time. Research tells us that Vitamin contributes to our bone health, depositing minerals into your skeleton and teeth, making them stronger and healthier. A lack of Vitamin D has also been said to lead to:

  • Cancer

  • Hormonal problems

  • Obesity

  • Inflammation

  • Weakened immune system

Its also extremely important to remember we live in Australia and the sun’s UV rays are strong. So be sensible and apply sun screen.


Time spent outdoors with the family is quality time. Whether your splashing around in the pool with the kids, bbqing some steaks, or just stretching out on the lawn with a good read, an outdoor retreat is invaluable. Sharing outdoor activities with family and friends, away from everyday technology, strengthens your bond. It’s hard to pull everyone away from their screens these days, so making an effort by spending the day in nature and the outdoors is an excellent combat to technology.

Given the outdoors can provide all these benefits, combined with the fact that Sydney enjoys approximately 104 sunny, cloud free days per year with a mild winter, incorporating a garden or outdoor space for you to come home and enjoy is a no brainer. In a study published in Landscape and Urban Planning, adults living in greener spaces, were less likely to be stressed in their daily lives. Sticks and Stones take all these factors into consideration, its not only about the garden but also improvement and creation of a liveable lifestyle. When incorporating a landscape design or an outdoor space into your home, you will not only be improving your well being for yourself but your family too, which can be enjoyed for many years to come.


“The garden has made our little house feel more open, bigger and impressive. It feels so nice to walk through the front door and have the garden to look at as opposed to the mud pit. The kids love it, they climb and jump off the walls and the plants – especially the area with the stepping stones – has become a “jungle” for their toys/games.  Mason, despite the cold is still out there using the BBQ, and I often find myself escaping the noise of the house, sitting on the bench by the stepping stones and soaking up the sun. We love it! Thanks again!” – Kate, Rozelle

“We simply love the garden! It has very much enhanced our family time together and provides us with endless enjoyment from: our girls attending to the veggie garden (planting the new season veggies, picking herbs/ strawberries/ lettuce etc, watering); to finding small bugs to observe (worms, snails for their bug catchers)….we are surprised that it has impacted our lifestyle so much.” – Jacqui, Concord West

“The plants fringing our backyard are young but are already creating an attractive, comfortable-feeling environment.  Before it started to get cold, our kids spent plenty of time galloping around on the lawn.  The combination of ferns beside the pool and the Lilly-pillies along the back fence create quite a luxurious yet casual, resort-style feel when viewed from the in the pool area – which I think will mean we spend plenty of time in there over the coming year!” – Michael, Riverview

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