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Sydney’s property market is booming. Records continue to be broken and the forecast for 2017 is much the same. With no sign of the market cooling, never has there been a better time to maximize your property’s value.

How is this achieved? Through the outdoors of course! Whether you have a courtyard, balcony, atrium, patio or expansive backyard, maximizing the potential of your outdoor space is where you can increase value. In recent years, a spotlight has been centered over the landscape industry and rightfully so. With all the health benefits linked to fresh air and time spent outside, it’s no wonder we crave a secluded outdoor space to retreat from our busy schedules.

Recently, Domain released an article that highlighted the demand for outdoor spaces. The importance that is found in lifestyle and creating a seamless transition between the inside and out,

So what does this mean for homeowners? Belinda Cassano, sales associate at Coopers Agency refers to the garden and outdoors as the book cover. A well-maintained garden provides a potential buyer with a positive first impression. It attracts them to the home, increasing the overall sale value. It’s often considered the “drawcard.”

In Sydney’s inner city suburbs, space is limited, therefore expanding your living space to the outdoors will increase not only your lifestyle, but also your property value. It’s important to maximize all aspects, such as built in seating. A well designed plan by a professional can help you achieve the most from your space.

Dean Jarman, director of Ray White at Paddington, says “designing the outdoors is as important as the indoors. These days we are all limited with space so need to maximize what we have.” When Jarman looks at a home before the sale, he considers the entire property, all the way to the back gate.


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